Candle Care

Love + Care for your KC Candle

We’ve taken a lot of care getting them to you and they are pretty robust, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you get the best out of your Knox|Cox Candle.

Trim that Wick!
Seems trivial…but we can’t stress this enough.
Keep the wick around 5mm long & trim prior to each & every burn.
This will ensure a 'clean flame' & avoid soot & smokey candles.  Your candle is done when you have around 10mm left in the bottom. Don't burn it any longer - it's time for a new one! 

Don’t leave unattended
They don’t like being by themselves. They wanna hang out with you and your friends.
Please keep out of reach of children, pets & flammable materials. It's a good idea to protect the surface or table where you place your candle.

Try not to move your candle when it's lit. Ensure it's extinguished, wax is solid & the vessel is cold before handling. Whilst a high-quality grade vessel, it is glass and may become very hot. Burn your KC candle on an appropriate flat heat-resistant surface and be careful when handling. 

We know you'll love it, but try not to burn your KC Candle for longer than 3-4 hours each time. To avoid 'tunnelling', burn your candle long enough for the molten wax to hit the sides of the vessel each time. This is especially important for the 'first burn'. 

Burn times are approximate and will vary from candle to candle. Environmental conditions, burning habits, and fragrance all affect the time a candle will last.

Tech Specs

For those curious souls that like to know a little more about what goes into these babies, here’s the deal...

We only use high-grade natural EcoSoya wax which is manufactured using pure soy beans; is biodegradable and free from pesticides.  We also use natural, lead-free cotton wicks and we only use high-quality fragrance oils that are made and tested in Australia.

Some of our equipment is sourced overseas, but the candles are created and actually made by our very own hands in Palm Beach, Sydney, Australia. Being perfectionists at heart, there's a lot of love and care that goes into a Knox|Cox candle.

If you have any questions on anything to do with your Knox|Cox candle, please feel free to contact us directly at